Helping death-row, abused, and neglected dogs find forever homes. We do not discriminate by breed, age or special needs. As long as we’re capable of helping out, we will never say no!

2014 Forever Home List

What an amazing year 2014 has been! We are so thankful for all the amazing homes who have adopted our rescues. It has been a crazy amazing year but we are so ready to get 2015 started! Here’s to another amazing year in 2015 and more happy forever homes! Thank you all for the love and support!


Cotton Belle Samuel Faddy Regina Piggy Angel Bubbles Connie Dangelo Brian Rylie Jello penny may home Lena Johnny Doodle Latte Luca Sandra Melody Cory Dottie Nelly peanut Mina Arnie Milo Bera Sophia Pudding Ryder Bonnie Cooper Happy Lulu Marley Mousse Theo Tommy Tiramisu Lucy Pumpkin Kelly Muffin Norah Millie Rebecca Genie Emma Haylee Archie Kaya Hurley Becky Candy Casaba Milky Angelina Lindsay Mila Cole
Catty Ana Geno Angel Craig Ellie Jody London Lulu Oscar Sammy Tiger toto Leo Oreo Matt Amber Faith Abby Zach Angela Bob Chanel Dakota Dylan Freddy Jolie Erica Kassa Kumar Latte 
Maple Marlo Mary Sasha Owen Princess Scooby sherman Marco Coffee Gucci Barney bear boo Coco Michelle ginger gino goldie guy haley Joey Jumbo macy Minnie Pluto Rosa Roy sadie Tami Telly Tess screen_shot_2014-07-28_at_122529_am Sunny Max chance Barbara Ryder Macy Hikari Amiya Labu Jenny Bambi Lisa Betsy Benji nena Willa Tyler Watson Mario Tori Tia  Rhys Princess Elsie Camellia Whipple Esther Grant screen_shot_2014-07-28_at_122442_am Bentley Oscar Wally Ranger< /a> Merc Tiya dora mumu Lila Abby Poppy Zara Elma Eddie Honey Chad Daniel Cathy Rosa Gage


Lady March April June Taco Sonny Olive Lola Butter Chris Corey Courtney Cary Cindy Charm Prince Bennett Mayko Snoopy ardie screen_shot_2014-07-28_at_122606_am screen_shot_2014-07-28_at_122548_am screen_shot_2014-07-28_at_122538_am Frodo zoey screen_shot_2014-07-28_at_122616_am Dobby screen_shot_2014-07-28_at_122432_am Niki Jerome Momo Livvy peanut Jordan Ginger Jadie Baron Lovemi polly Connie goldie Roxie Zoey Boss

How to help?

If you have extra time on your hand and would like to help please consider volunteering! Rescue groups need dedicated volunteers to help with events, fundraisers, home checks, transports, etc. All of these things help enable the rescue to expand their network and help more dogs in need.

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