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Zara – Adopted!


UPDATE: We’re so excited to share that Zara has found her perfect forever home! Zara went through an extremely traumatic experience at the hands of human cruelty however she never lost trust in people. Zara is now living the good life getting all the love and attention he deserves! Enjoy your life Zara!

“Hi Melody! Things are going great! Zara is definitely still adjusting, but she’s settling in well, all things considered. She has most definitely found her forever home!! She is loved by everyone she meets and she and I have bonded so quickly. I’m in awe of her resiliency and courage. She’s an incredible little dog! She’s already putting on some weight and enjoys exploring the house and yard. She and her new sister, Zoë, are getting to know one another and are quickly becoming friends! Thank you so much for helping bring Zara home!”

Update Photos: Click to enlarge.

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10172698_10203470418819093_6650685534796833926_nName: Zara
Age: 10 month old
Gender: Female
Breed: Formosa Mountain Dog
Weight: 35lbs
Dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Good with cats
Kids: Good with kids
Housebroken: Yes with adjustment
Crate trained: Good in crate
Leash: Ok on leash

Brief Bio: Meet Zara! Zara is a sweet and gentle girl who was found on the roadside in a remote mountain area. On a pouring night, she sat alone by the road in the darkness without any light or street lamps around her. The rescuer originally thought of her as a suspicious wild animal but upon getting closer she realized something was wrong. The rescuer got out of her car and checked it out, that was when she came upon poor Zara. Zara was found seriously traumatized with blood running out of both eyes. In addition, Zara’s paw on her hind leg was also bleeding and missing. She was so helpless in the pouring rain with such serious wounds. Both eyes were gone along with her back leg, so she couldn’t see and didn’t know where to go. Seeing her misery made the rescuer shocked and heart-broken. The rescuer quickly wrapped Zara with a towel, brought her into the car, and raced to the animal hospital as fast as she could. On the way, this brave little girl didn’t make any sound, she knew she was saved at last and surprising leaned closely to the rescuer.

Zara is only ten months old. Diagnosed by the vet, she had just undergone brutal abuse. Both of her eyeballs were gouged out with a sharp tool, and her paw was chopped off cruel intent.  The vet performed urgent surgery on her eyes and leg. Her eyeballs were removed, and she wouldn’t be able to see the ruthless world. The rescuer couldn’t imagine who could do such harm to her, and thought after the brutal abuse, Zara should fear any human beings getting near her, but she is so gentle and forgiving. Zara likes to get close to everyone around her. She is friendly to adults as well as children. She also loves to eat food and fruits. She makes everyone around her feel her warmth, and makes all the people who witness her suffering so heart-broken. After the treatment, the healing from the wounds, spaying process, and all the blood tests, she is proven perfect healthy without any other diseases.

Zara is a simple-minded girl. Even though she lost her eyesight, she still can walk smoothly. Within a short period of time, she can identify correct direction and come and go easily with her smell and hearing. Even though she lost the paw of her right hind leg, she still walks at ease with her three other legs. We are so proud of her and admire her bravery. We are looking for a home that will continue to show Zara that is world is not a scary place and that there are lots of love to give. Even though she is no longer “perfect”, she is perfect and loving for anyone who meets her. Zara is patiently waiting!

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Before: Zara when rescued and during treatment (WARNING: Graphic images.)

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