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Penny – Adopted!

penny home

UPDATE: We are very happy to share that beautiful Penny has found her loving forever home! Poor Penny had been found as a stray, emaciated and covered in mats, fleas and ticks. Penny had been abandoned by her previous owners when they no longer wanted her. Thankfully a rescue partner was able to get her off the streets and straight to the vet where she got a full check up. Penny never made it online because her home fell in love at first sight while they were visiting another Poodle we had up for adoption. Lucky girl! Penny didn’t hesitate to run straight up to her new human sisters. It was just perfect! We’re so happy for Penny and couldn’t imagine a better or more suitable fit. Enjoy your life Penny!

“Dear Love and Second Chances, Thank you so much for bringing Penny into my life. She rescued me. I lost Poochie a year and a half ago. I got him for my 15th birthday and he was my best friend for 17 wonderful years. He was by my side for the biggest moments in my life – high school, college, law school, marriage, and two babies. There was a huge void in my life when he died so tragically. I had anxiety every night about losing my buddy. I missed hearing his paws tap across the hardwood floors. I missed seeing his face waiting in the window when I returned home. I missed his enthusiastic greeting when I’ve been gone for 5 hours or 5 minutes. A year after losing Poochie, I found myself daydreaming about having a dog again. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a dog and wondered if I could love another like I did Poochie.

Along came Doodle. I saw this little red poodle on Petfinder and decided to apply for him. He was the first dog I had considered in a year and a half. When Anita from Love and Second Chances told me he was available, as well as two other dogs, I was ecstatic. We drove 2 hours the next day to visit them. When I met Penny (formerly Nina), she came right up to my daughter and I and sat by our feet. I was in love. And so was my daughter. She stared lovingly at me the entire ride home.

When we settled in at home, I knew immediately we made the right decision. She fit right in. She lounged on the couch as if she had always been there. She followed me around like my shadow. The tapping of her paws on the hardwood floors made my heart skip a beat. And she enthusiastically greeted me when I’ve been gone for 5 hours or 5 minutes. When I brushed her for the first time she went limp in my arms like a ragdoll. We gave her a bath and she loved it. The groomer said she was a dream dog to work with. She is excelling in our dog training class. She already knows how to sit, lie down and stay. We are still working on walking loose on a leash but we are getting better every day. Penny loves walks, rides in the car, playing with toys, not fetching balls, and stealing the girls’ toys (although she willingly gives them back).

Thank you so much for rescuing our sweet Penny. It is hard to believe she had such rough start at life. Thrown away like trash by her previous owners, found as a stray and emaciated. Luckily, the amazing Lynn found Penny wandering the streets and nursed her back to health. She gave Penny a good life; fed her milk through a syringe when she wouldn’t and couldn’t eat, gave her chicken legs to put on weight. She took her to the vet repeatedly until she was healthy. Lynn is an angel. She saved the life of the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. I cannot say enough about Love and Second Chances. Melody and Anita helped to make Penny’s transition into our home a wonderful and life changing experience. They answered all of our questions and went above and beyond to help us. They were full of information and walked us through the whole process of adopting our first “rescue dog.” Their love and dedication to Love and Second Chances is infectious. I will never buy a dog again. This is the most amazing rescue group. Rescue dogs rule!

Melody, Anita, Lynn and everyone else who donated their time, money and love into saving Penny, thank you. Thank you so much for working together to save so many dogs’ lives. I am forever indebted to you for saving Penny and bringing her into my life. She filled the hole in my heart that I didn’t know I had. Love, The Browns”

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