No one said it would be easy, they only said it would be worth it.

Northern California All Breed Rescue

Helping death-row, abused, and neglected dogs find forever homes. We do not discriminate by breed, age or special needs. As long as we’re capable of helping out, we will never say no!

How to help?

If you have extra time on your hand and would like to help please consider volunteering! Rescue groups need dedicated volunteers to help with events, fundraisers, home checks, transports, etc. All of these things help enable the rescue to expand their network and help more dogs in need.

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Meet Martha! Martha is a sweet but timid, gentle Formosan Mountain Dog mix. She was found on the streets of Taiwan, and taken in by rescuers, who got her safe and healthy. Martha needs to go to a home with another playful, friendly dog. When she came to the US,…


Meet Typhoon! Typhoon is a cuddly, happy, playful Jindo mix from Korea. He was found on the streets, and taken in by rescuers who got him safe, healthy, and socialized. He is a sweet, happy puppy who loves to play, run around, explore, and just be a general goofball. Typhoon…


Meet Alden! Alden was found hiding in a water drain hole on the hillside where him and his family found shelter. His mom, Adele, found rescuers and led them to where her pups were. Luckily they were all rescued and brought to the vet. The family had skin infections, fungal…

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