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Ryder – Adopted!

ryder home

UPDATE: We’re very happy to share that Ryder now Cookie has found his perfect home! This adorable boy is now getting all the love and attention he deserves with a home to call his own! Enjoy your life Ryder!

“Dear Melody, Cookie (we have renamed Ryder) is doing great.  He had a good check up at the vet two days ago and his health is great! Cookie has fit right in with our family. Some of his favorite things to do are snuggle, car rides, fetching balls, morning & evening walks, sleep with his toys and run in our backyard. He truly is a love bug. We are happy to have him as part of our family. Thank you Melody, Randy & Sam (foster parents). Regards, Ellen”

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ryderName: Ryder
Age: 1-2 year old
Gender: Male
Breed: Pomeranian
Weight: 8-10lbs
Dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Ok with cats
Kids: Good with kids
Housebroken: n/a
Crate trained: Ok in crate
Leash: Ok on leash

Brief Bio: Meet Ryder! Ryder is an adorable boy who loves nothing more then to sit on your lap and take a nap. Ryder was abandoned along with his brother Cory the Yorkie. Thankfully a rescue partner was able to take them in and get them ready for adoption. Ryder is a lovebug who is silly and loves to be around people and other dogs. We are looking for a home that understands the breed and will give Ryder all the love he deserves. Ryder is patiently waiting!

Photos: Click to enlarge, hover mouse over image for caption.

ryder 1616718_10152195567258748_1732903872_n 1743260_10152195567263748_989663743_n IMG_0783 1615037_10152195567248748_621080341_n

How to help?

If you have extra time on your hand and would like to help please consider volunteering! Rescue groups need dedicated volunteers to help with events, fundraisers, home checks, transports, etc. All of these things help enable the rescue to expand their network and help more dogs in need.

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