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Thank you for your interest in adopting! Please allow us a couple days to process and review your application, if you don’t hear back within a week please follow up with us! Make sure to check spam/junk just incase!

Adoption Application

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    Do you own your home?*

    Are you planning to move within the next year?*

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    Other Animals

    Do you have cats?*

    Do you have dogs?*

    Other animals?*

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    Vet Care

    If no companion animals at this time, have you had any in the past 8 years?*

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    Additional Questions

    Have you adopted an animal before?*

    Have you ever had a special needs animal before?*

    Is your backyard securely fenced?*

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    About Me (Optional)

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    Please check the statements for your agreement to the terms listed below.

    (If applicable) If the animal is too young, I will have the animal fixed at the scheduled appointment made by the rescue.

    I will keep the rescue up to date on the companion that I adopt if any issues occur.

    I will hold responsibility in my animal and understand I am adopting for myself.

    I will not allow my animal outside for extended period of time without supervision.

    I will always have a leash, proper collar and proper ID tag on my animal when outdoors.

    I will get in touch with the rescue if I can no longer take care of the animal.

    I will have my animal as companion and not for guarding or protection purposes.

    I will have my animal as an indoor companion not outdoors.

    I will care for my animal in a humane manner and be a responsible animal guardian.

    I will continue with positive training and keep my companion animal socialized.

    I will NOT surrender the animal to the shelter, sell, re-home, or give away at any point in time.

    I will return the animal back to the rescue if I can no longer keep my companion without requesting a fee.

    I understand the adoption fee is non-refundable after the trial period and finalization of adoption.

    By checking, I hereby certify that all information supplied by me on this application is true and complete. I recognize that any misrepresentation of that information will result in the adopted animal to be confiscated.

    Thank you!

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