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Marley – Adopted!

Marley home

UPDATE: We’re very happy to share that Marley now Riley has found her loving forever home! This beautiful girl is now enjoying the good life getting all the love and attention she deserves! Enjoy your life Marley!

“Hi Melody, Another update for you 🙂 Marley (now Riley) is doing great, and we are so in love 🙂 She’s doing really well with potty training, we’re almost there! And she’s great with the cats. She’s such a love bug and just wants a tummy rub and to be with us. My husband is so in love, when I told him we needed to give you the final answer today, the look on his face said it all 🙂 (not that I had any doubt, either, she’s perfect!) She’s got lots of energy and we’ve been socializing her with dogs and people – lots of walks, fetch, play dates and dog park time, plus a bit of doggy day care for extra socialization. She also has puppy manners class starting this week! She’s definitely in her forever home, thank you so much for finding such wonderful dogs and doing such a great job promoting their rescue and coordinating everything! I’m having a hard time not still browsing your new adoptables for more! Thanks!! Vivi”

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marleyName: Marley
Age: 3 months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Lab/Retriever mix
Weight: 10-15lbs
Dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Good with cats
Kids: Good with kids
Housebroken: Under training
Crate trained: n/a
Leash: Ok on leash

Brief Bio: Meet Marley! Marley was rescued along with her sister Kaya when they were abandoned in the country side without shelter, food and their little bodies were covered with ticks or fleas. When Kaya and Marly were found, they were laying weakly in the brushes. The rescuer asked the neighborhood people about them and they said someone just dumped Kaya and Marly in the wild and left them to die. Luckily, Kaya and Marly were able to get rescued and rushed straight to the vet. Now Kaya and Marly are fully recovered and ready for a home! Kaya and Marly are active, loving and friendly to people and other dogs. We are looking for a home that understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy. Marley is patiently waiting!

Photos: Click to enlarge, hover mouse over image for caption.

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How to help?

If you have extra time on your hand and would like to help please consider volunteering! Rescue groups need dedicated volunteers to help with events, fundraisers, home checks, transports, etc. All of these things help enable the rescue to expand their network and help more dogs in need.

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