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Name Ryder
Gender Male
Age 8 years old
Breed Australian Shepherd/Husky mix
Weight ~50lbs.
Dog Great with most dogs - demonstrates some reactivity towards energetic males
Cat N/A
Kids Best with 16+
Crate-trained In Training
Housebroken Yes
Leash Ok on leash
Behavioral Some resource guarding with his ball during games of fetch (only when another dog is very interested), some dog reactivity towards energetic dogs, protective barking of the house (but will quickly calm down/accept treat bribes when someone is entering the home), pulls on leash when very excited (i.e. to go to a park to play fetch), reactive to skateboards
Barker Yes - alert barking around the house (i.e. deliveries, people at the door, loud neighbors, etc) & some demand barking (when he smells food, wants to go outside/inside, wants exercise)
Location Fostered in Oakland, CA
Ryder is a very sweet 8-year old gentleman who enjoys discovering new smells while on a quiet neighborhood walk, spending quality time at home with his people, and strenuous games of fetch. He is happy to chill at home with you during the day, so long as he gets in 1-2 walks per day and a strenuous game of fetch! Ryder is food motivated and is very well trained on a few commands (sit, stay, down, shake). 
Ryder would do best in an active adult home with either no children or older children. A household with dog experience will be best for Ryder, as he is intelligent and may test you to see what he can get away with (e.g. jumping on furniture, deciding when to eat/go on walks, etc). He responds very well to structure, routine and clear ground rules and a dog savvy household will find it easy to integrate Ryder into their life. A calm home where his people are around most of the time would be best for Ryder, as he demonstrates some separation anxiety as well as fearfulness around loud noises and busy streets. Ryder’s perfect day would include a few of the following: quiet walks around the neighborhood, playing fetch at the park, going on a hike, enjoying a joy ride in the car with the windows down, relaxing at home, and/or enjoying some cuddles with you!
Ryder would do well as either the only dog or in a home with another dog (so long as they do not have too much energy). While playing with other dogs isn’t his top activity of choice (playing fetch, without doggy competition, is the clear frontrunner), he does enjoy a few respectful play sessions with a low/medium energy dog. He did very well in his previous household, where he was the only dog. He is also doing very well in his foster home, where he enjoys sharing the occasional play session and companionship with the resident dog.
He has been with a few families to date who were unable to commit to him forever. He may seem a little aloof at first, but will fall in love with you once he learns he can trust you. Ryder is a true gem, with lots of love to give – he is ready for a loving home that is committed to giving him the forever home he deserves.