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Name Grandin
Gender Male
Age 1 year old (As of 1/30/24)
Breed Mastiff mix
Weight 70lbs.
Dog Loves all dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Best with kids 10+
Crate-trained No, panics if the door is closed
Housebroken Yes
Leash In Training, will pull
Behavioral Has been abused, afraid of touch to his back
Barker Occasional alert barks only
Location Fostered in El Sobrante, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Grandin! Sweet Grandin is a Korean dog-meat farm survivor! He is a gentle, mellow mini-mastiff – only 70 lbs, full grown! He is a loving, goofy, happy boy, who only wants a family, a soft bed, loving touch, and walkies. Grandin is the full mastiff experience in a normal dog-sized package – if you have always wanted a mastiff but don’t want to have to get a bigger car, he’s the guy for you!

Korea just passed a law to ban dog-meat farms. On Dec 4, a group of meat farmers did a back-firing protest, and dumped 11 dogs in tiny cages outside of a Government building. They thought it would make a statement. But, instead, four different rescue groups working together said THANK YOU for giving them to us, because now these 11 dogs now get to LIVE!!! Whoever adopts Grandin, is not just saving one life. You are not just changing the world for him. By adopting one of the Protest Mastiffs, you are literally helping to change THE WORLD.

Grandin is curious, smart, friendly, and loves to play. He’s good with people and other dogs. His favorite hobbies are taking naps, doing nose boops, running zoomies and then doing power-flops onto the ground, and just being a general squish-potato. Grandin loves walks (although he does pull), is good in the car, knows how to use a doggie door, and doesn’t chew things up around the house (much). He’s basically house trained, although he’s a boy dog and does mark indoors now and then. He finds comfort in an open crate, but panics if the crate door is closed. He hasn’t been tested with cats, but he’d probably be fine. He has been physically abused, and is sensitive to being touched on his back, so children need to be old enough to respect his physical/emotional boundaries 100% of the time. (He doesn’t bite, he just runs and hides in fear.)

We don’t know exactly how old he is – one vet estimated 3 years based on teeth, but his Korean rescuers thought he was under a year based on behavior. However, he hasn’t gained any weight in 2 months, so he’s definitely full grown. We’ve decided that his 1-year birthday is the day he came to the US, and that’s as close as we’re going to be able to guess.

Grandin is being fostered in El Sobrante / Richmond. He is patiently waiting for the person or family who will become his forever home.