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Name Naina
Gender Female
Age 1.5 years old (As of 3/26/2024)
Breed Indian Pariah
Weight 33lbs.
Dog Very dog friendly and loves to play, but can guard high value food at times
Cat N/A, likely good
Kids N/A, likely good
Crate-trained No, gets very anxious in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash
Behavioral Separation anxiety when left alone or in the crate. Does fine if she is alone with the company of another dog
Barker No
Location Fostered in Livermore, CA
Additional Note India International program

Meet Naina! Naina was rescued at just 8 weeks old with a popped-out eye. She was run over by a vehicle and the pressure caused the eye to pop. Her wonderful rescuers got the surgery done and she recovered well. Despite her sweet nature, because of her discriminated breed and visible disability, she didn’t receive any adoption applications in India. Having one eye hasn’t stopped her from living a full life – she has no issues navigating places.

Naina is a truly sweet and gentle girl. Despite her rough past, she loves and craves affection and pets and is just happy to be with her person.  Although she might take a couple days to warm up to you, once she trusts you, she will paw you until you give her pets and sleep next to you in the most comfy poses! 

She is also quick to learn commands and adjust to new settings.  Given her young age and intelligence, she would do best in a home that can engage her regularly in physical and mental activities and she would love to be in a home with another dog or have doggy playdates. Naina would bring immense joy, laughter and love to any family that is looking for a sweet, gentle, and playful girl. She is patiently waiting!