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Name Loa
Gender Female
Age 1.5 years old (as of 10/13/23)
Breed Jindo/Terrier mix
Weight 45lbs.
Dog Good with all sizes and gender
Cat Wil chase
Kids Best 10+
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash
Barker Alert barks only
Location Fostered in Los Gatos, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Loa! Sweet Loa is a playful, happy, energetic, silly 1.5 year old Jindo mix doggo-girl. Her favorite hobbies are going on walks, dancing like a bobble-head doll for her food, playing with the other dogs, and keeping the yard clear of squirrels.

Loa is house trained, doesn’t chew things up in the house, does great on leash, and is good in the car. She loves any other dog and will play forever. She is smart, and knows “sit,” “lay down”, and “paw”. She isn’t a barker. She does have a high prey-drive, and can’t be in a home with cats. She does get separation anxiety, so needs to be in a home with another dog.

Loa loves people. (She particularly loves men!) She loves treats. She loves walks. She loves her leash. She loves traveling in the car. She even loves being petted. But, in a twist of logic that makes sense only in the mind of a dog that has been abused, she is afraid of hands. Yes, you read that right – she loves people, and loves being petted, but is afraid of hands. There are tricks and ways that she will allow people to pet her (and she loves it!!!), but it will take time and patience to learn those ways, and to gain her trust. And once you do, the joy she shows in being touched is beyond measure!!!

Loa is patiently waiting for a person or family, with a heart big enough to hold her love.