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Name Bear
Gender Male
Age 3 years
Breed Lab/Jindo mix
Weight 45lbs
Dog Ok with dogs, best as only.
Cat Not tested
Kids Ok with kids, 13+
Crate-trained Ok in kennel
Housebroken Yes
Leash Ok on leash
Behavioral None noted
Barker No
Adoption fee $550
Location Fostered in Livermore, Ca
Additional Note Korean International rescue

Meet Bear! Bear was born in a dog farm in Korea. Even though he was bigger than other siblings, his temperament was so gentle and mild making him vulnerable to be bullied by other dogs. The rescuer paid the owner of the dog farm to save him since the owner wouldn’t let him go even though his life at risk due to his vulnerability. To make matters worse, the temporary operated shelter where he is currently staying is ordered to be closed down soon, which put him at risk getting euthanized. Upon approval, we can move him to the paid private foster facilities until he makes a trip to the U.S.

On the contrary to his appearance, he is super gentle and mellow. No aggression is in his bone. Barking is not noted either. He is very friendly to people and warms up right away to the strangers. He even goes well with kids.

He is definitely more comfortable with women. Bear gets nervous, even cries out when he encounters with certain type of men who possibly reminds him of the memories of being abused in the past. Bear had his legs broken at some point in his life that was healed on its own, he has a slight limp but does not have issues with the leg otherwise. Bear also had an old eye injury that has since healed, it doesn’t cause him concern or issues. We are looking for a home that will continue to show him what it means to be in a home. Bear is patiently waiting!