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Name Flicker
Gender Female
Age 4 years old
Breed FMD mix
Weight 32lbs.
Dog Under-socialized and dog reactive
Cat Can be neutral indoors under supervision and slow introductions, best with cats who won't try to engage her
Kids 13+, can be skittish with fast movements and sudden noises
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash
Behavioral Dog reactivity
Barker Alert barks
Location Fostered in San Rafael, CA
Additional Note Taiwan International program
Meet Flicker (or Flick for short)! Flicker is an adorable 4 year old FMD mix. She was malnourished in Taiwan and chained to a scooter on the street. She was brought to America with the help of LSC and was adopted in 2020 to a loving home. Unfortunately, her current parents’ home environment does not suit her needs, and feels she deserves a home and space where she can truly thrive. Flicker and her fosters are now seeking her new forever home!
Flicker is the sweetest girl who thrives off human affection and wants nothing more than to cuddle next to you or in your lap. She’s food and play motivated, fun to train, and has learned 17 tricks and commands already – including hide and seek with toys! She likes having a job to do, whether it’s puzzle toys or scent work, but will also settle down when her fosters are busy. She also loves exploring and is an experienced trail runner and backpacker. Flicker loves people and will vibrate with excitement when people she loves visit.

Flicker has dog reactivity and will need an experienced home who can continue her training and build positive experiences. Because of this, she will need a home that’s able to set a strict structure and space to ensure she’s set up for success.

The ideal home for Flicker is one that can be patient and commit to training her so she can continue to build confidence and enjoy life to the fullest. Show her that other dogs aren’t so scary because she would make the best hiking and adventure companion!