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Name Sweetie (aka Miya)
Gender Female
Age 6 months as of 9/23/21
Breed FMD mix
Weight 35-45lbs when full grown
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Good with cats
Kids Ok with kids
Crate-trained Ok in kennel
Housebroken Yes
Leash Ok on leash
Barker Alert barks at things outside
Adoption fee $550
Location Fostered in El Sobrante, CA
Additional Note Taiwan International program

Meet Sweetie! She is a happy, energetic, playful, puppy. Sweetie gives
constant kisses, except when she’s running around with a toy in her
mouth. Then, instead of kisses, she shoves the toy in your face to show
you how much she loves you! She is an enthusiastic little puppy,
maturing into a responsive and smart dog.  Sweetie is good with
other dogs, is very food motivated, and doesn’t generally chew things
up (except for clothes laying on the ground). She gets carsick, but
does OK when she is riding on someone’s lap. She loves walks that
don’t involve long car trips. She is house-broken with the doggie door,
but she does dribble a bit out of excitement. 
Sweetie would love to be in a home with another dog. She would do
well in a family with one or more older children. (She is still enough of
a puppy that she’s a bit chompy and jumpy, so might not do best
with little kids.) She would love her own special person to sleep with
on the bed at night and play all day long. 
Sweetie is being fostered in El Sobrante (Richmond). She is patiently
waiting for a person or family who understands the responsibilities of
raising a puppy.