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Name Melody
Gender Female
Age 2 years old
Breed Jindo/Collie mix
Weight 45-50lbs.
Dog Ok with other dogs off leash, needs time to warm up to them
Cat N/A
Kids N/A
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training, leash reactive
Behavioral Slight separation anxiety
Barker No
Adoption fee $650
Location Fostered in Belmont, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Melody! Melody is an adorable 2 year old Jindo mix. She was rescued from from a high kill shelter on the day of her euthanasia. Melody is super affectionate and mellow indoors. She loves being pet and chills with her foster mom while she’s working from home. She can sleep all day and have random, short bursts of energy. She’s potty trained and has only ever had an accident once. She starts circling and will sometimes sit by the door to indicate she needs to go out but she’s very good at holding it. She’s not an excessive barker but will bark occasionally. 

Melody can be overly excited/leash reactive when she sees another dog but we’re working on socializing and desensitizing her. She’s been off leash with another dog and took a bit of time to warm up to her, so slow introductions to other dogs would be best. She does pull a bit on leash but mostly in new environments because she wants to smell everything, but mellows out once she knows an area. Her foster home is actively working on loose leash training and she’s been making a lot of progress.

Melody is crate trained and will sleep through the night in it. She does have separation anxiety and will need to work on this in her next home. She knows a few basic commands like sit, down, look (eye contact), crate, and paw (shake – in progress). She does well on car rides, but will need some patience getting into the car. With consistency, she will get better at this. 

Melody would thrive with a family that is patient and willing to work with her. She would do well as the only dog in a house and with an experienced owner. A family with a yard would be nice but not required since she’s medium energy and fully content with a couple walks around the neighborhood. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising as dog as a member of their family. Melody is patiently waiting!