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Ellie – Adopted!

UPDATE: Ellie has found her loving forever home with her loving foster home! After a year in foster care, Ellie’s foster mom has decided she is home to stay. Yay for Ellie! Thank you Rachel for stepping up to take Ellie in when she was a mangey puppy facing euthanasia, without you this lovely girl wouldn’t be where she is now! (=

Meet Ellie! Ellie is a lovely 8 mo old pit mix girl that is about 45-50lb. Ellie was brought to the San Jose Animal shelter after an anonymous call came in alerting the officers that someone had this little girl and was not taking care of her. Needless to say, officers came and confiscated her and before you knew it she was at the shelter waiting for help. Ellie had demodex mange (non-contagious) and her time was ticking fast. The longer she was at the shelter, the worst her condition got. Luckily she had lots of people rooting for her. (=

With the help of all her supporters and sponsors we were able to get her out of the shelter and now she is safe and recovering. Ellie is a sweet and mellow puppy who loves to follow you around and snuggle. Ellie is housebroken and is not a barker, she is also great with kids, good with dogs of all sizes and great with cats! Just a love bug!

Foster home update 11/08/11:

“Ellie is a true puppy! And she has found her one true love: dirt! I have never seen a dog recover so quickly from such an ugly disease, but Ellie lives up to her name- Eleanor Roosevelt. When she first came to stay you could not even tell what her real color marking were because of her scabs but today she is a beautiful red and white pit with really cool markings and spots. She is a real snuggler, something I proudly taught her to do. She does not necessarily like to be under the covers but she does like you to know that she is right there. Ellie snores like a freight train, who knew a puppy could make those noises but she can. She is also a true puppy in the sense that it is nobodies fault but your own if you leave your shoes or anything remotely edible lying on the floor or in puppy mouths reach. We went to the dog park the other day and she did great on the off-leash walk and she was very submissive to all the other dogs including the tiny ones, she let a dauchsund pin her to the ground. She plays all day and sleeps all night and thats her story!”

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