Name: Buttercup
Gender: Female
Breed: French Bulldog
Dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: N/A
Kids: Good with kids
Housebroken: No
Crate trained: Good in crate
Leash: Need training
Brief Bio:

Meet Buttercup, as you can tell in these photos she is not in the best shape. Buttercup lived her entire life in a filthy cage sitting on top of kennel bars. When she’s lucky she may have a rag or towel placed in, but that usually gets dirty fast as she almost never leaves her cage 😞⁣⁣
Buttercup is one of our puppy mill rescues, she has severe yeast infection on her skin along with secondary infection. She has sores covering all pressure points on her body from laying on the hard kennel bars. She has been overbred and used repeatedly as a source of income. She has suffered a lot and now its time for her to rest and finally enjoy life outside of that filthy cage. ⁣⁣


“Hi Melody! Thank you for trusting us to foster and eventually adopt Buttercup, now named Boss. When she first arrived, she was not only broken physically, but mentally too. Her road to recovery was not easy with prescription baths every 3 days (3 months) and her laundry list of medications and elements. She quickly learned that we were here to help her without having been around humans before, or the distrust of them. It also took her 4 months to warm up to her brother Zeek (who had been dying for her affection since she came here). Now the two are inseparable…yeah! Toys…OMG, don’t get me started, she is infatuated with them, it brings out her inner puppy! Something amazing, she knew how to fetch and walk on a leash from the start...CRAZY! She also goes potty on command, so I would say she is a pretty smart dog not to mention a doll face! One of my favorite things, she wakes up when the humans wake up, then she does zoomies throughout the entire house while breakfast is prepared….gobbles it down in 2 seconds (foodie for sure!) but no food aggression what so ever!

We pamper her cause she deserves it with strolls in the neighborhood, bike rides, relaxing by the pool, exploring, cuddling and letting her know that she part of our pack. It has been a long and incredible journey to watch her grow into the healthy, happy and confident doggy she is today.

Thank you for all the support Love and Second Chances gave to us during her recovery and beyond! Because of you, Buttercup aka Boss, has the chance to live the life she deserves!”

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If you have extra time on your hand and would like to help please consider volunteering! Rescue groups need dedicated volunteers to help with events, fundraisers, home checks, transports, etc. All of these things help enable the rescue to expand their network and help more dogs in need.

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