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Name Sora
Gender Female
Age 4.5 months old
Breed Shepherd/Hound
Weight 15-20lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Good with kids
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken In training
Leash In training
Barker No
Location Fostered in Santa Cruz, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Sora! Sora is an adorable 4 months old Hound/Shepherd mix. She is everything that you could imagine of a puppy – super sweet and gentle, has lots of silly puppy energy, and is so playful. She took no time to warm up to her foster family, including their 1.5 year old FMD, or her new surroundings.

Sora is very curious, and loves to explore – so much that she has gotten the nickname, “Sora the Explorer”.  She fearlessly climbs, jumps, and will need some supervision as she becomes acquainted with her new space.  She is very food/treat motivated and is not at all a picky eater.   She has shown no signs of resource guarding or fear aggression.  Like all puppies, she would benefit from some basic obedience training.

Sora was entirely pad trained when she arrived at her foster home and they have been working on teaching her to go potty outside.  We have been amazed at how quickly she is catching on- she had very few indoor accidents and now she has been letting them know pretty consistently that she needs to go outside by standing at the door.  Sora has been sleeping all night in her crate without any accidents.  With more time and practice, she’ll be housebroken in no time.  While Sora does not love being put in her crate (sometimes whining or crying for a few minutes) inside, she settles in quickly.

Sora is learning to walk on a leash.  There are no issues with pulling, but she easily gets distracted, slowing, stopping, zig-zagging, etc.  She seems to really like being out and as she continues to go on more walks, she will be a wonderful walking companion.

Sora is such a fun and sweet puppy, and will surely be a wonderful pet.  She will bring so much fun, laughter, and smiles to any household. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy. Sora is patiently waiting!