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Name Ryan
Gender Male
Age 2 year old
Breed Miniature Poodle
Weight 10-15lbs.
Dog Good with dogs, still learning about personal space
Cat N/A
Kids Best with kids 13+
Crate-trained In Training, does not want to go in voluntarily
Housebroken Pad trained
Leash Needs Training, still getting comfortable in a harness
Behavioral Needs special handling around visitors, escape artist, can be mouthy when too excited
Barker Occasional
Location Fostered in Sunnyvale, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Ryan! Ryan is an adorable 2 year old Miniature Poodle. He was rescued from a puppy-mill in Korea. At the mill, he was kept in a crate in a dark shed and neglected. 

When he trusts you, he spends a lot of time wanting your attention and to be curled up next to you. He is very friendly once opened up! Ryan’s also making up for his lost puppyhood by running around and playing with toys. He would do well with regular exercise. He has a few sensitive areas (mostly his bum) which are best to avoid touching. He’s very smart and is learning what’s ok and what’s not very quickly. It took about a week for him to be trained to use the potty pads just by giving a firm “no” when he went in the wrong place.

Ryan is very sweet and if you’re willing to put some work in on the front end, you’ll have a very special and loving dog for many years to come. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Ryan is patiently waiting!