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Name Pongi
Gender Male
Age 11 months old (As of 3/11/2023)
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 32lbs.
Dog Good with dogs, loves to play but best as only in the home
Cat No cats
Kids Ok with kids
Crate-trained Ok in crate for short periods
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training
Behavioral Resource guarding with other dogs and leash reactivity
Barker Alert barks
Location Located in San Leandro, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Pongi! Pongi is an adorable 11 months old Jindo mix. He is an extremely affectionate dog, he loves to lay next to you and cuddle. Sometimes he will even raise his arm to ask for belly scratches. Pongi will follow you around the house and keep you company at all times. He is extremely curious about the world. He is still learning and becoming more confident as he explores but can be sensitive to unfamiliar people / new objects but once he has had a chance to sniff around, he will be fine.

Pongi is extremely social and loves to play with other dogs, but is reactive on leash when another dog is present. He tends to pull-on leash but once he has pooped, his pulling is significantly reduced. To get him to walk better on leash, the best way is to first help him exert some of that energy with play. He gets excited by cats and will try to chase them. Dog parks are his favorite and he gets along with all dogs there. He is somewhat sensitive to noise when at home and will bark when he senses someone is outside the home or when strange unfamiliar loud noises are present but aside from that he is quiet. He is very smart in the way that he knows when his humans come home and does not bark. 

Pongi loves to eat and is treat motivated, his favorite is Bixby Pocket Trainers. He is also a fast learner and knows commands such as: sit, paw, down, wait, go home (to crate). His recall is spotty when he is outside the home because he gets distracted by his external environment, so he cannot be off leash in a unfenced area. Pongi loves kibble and goes crazy for it, he knows to wait and his cue to eat is ‘release.’ Pongi also really enjoys the dog puzzle games and is quick to solve them. He is ok with his crate and will sleep in it when tired but with the door open, he is ok being closed in for short periods of time if you leave him with a toy/bone. He is potty trained but may have an accident when in a new environment if he is not allowed to relieve himself before entering. 

Pongi is a very energetic dog and would benefit from someone with an active lifestyle, he enjoys being outdoors and is excited to get in the car. He loves to run and play, so a home with space for him to do so would be ideal. Pongi is fine being home alone and will nap the whole time but prefers to be able to free roam and not be confined in the crate. He has never destroyed anything other than a sock. Pongi loves routines, he is a dog that likes to stick to a schedule. He has no issue being around small children and pays no mind to them. Pongi is a very easy to read dog, his hackles go up when he is fearful. He sits and stares at you when he wants affection/attention. He will go by the door as a signal for when he needs to potty. 

Because Pongi was bullied at home, he does have some resource guarding and will growl but has never bit or physically attacked anyone/anything, this is a recent behavior he picked up and his foster parents are working to help him overcome this. His resource guarding is situational, he guards objects that he knows he should not have – socks for example. Ideally a home with no other dogs would be best for Pongi while he settles in and builds his confidence. Pongi has had a hard time the past few months being in a home with a dog that has been aggressive to him but he has always shown lots of love. We strongly believe that it would be beneficial for him to be in a single dog household while he builds new bonds and a sense of security. It is important for Pongi to go to a home that understands the responsibilities of dog ownership and can help him continue with further training.

Pongi is a great dog and will make any family happy, but ideally a home that will be patient with him while he grows. Love him and he will love you back ten folds.