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Name Luca (aka Brian)
Gender Male
Age 2 years old
Breed Japanese Spitz
Weight 25-30lbs.
Dog Good with dogs, does have some resource guarding with dogs around food
Cat Good with cats
Kids Good with kids
Crate-trained Does not prefer kennel, but does settle down
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training
Behavioral Resource guarding with dogs around food. Excessive begging.
Barker No
Location Fostered in San Jose, CA
Additional Note Taiwan International program

Meet Luca (aka Brian)! Luca is an adorable 2 year old Japanese Spitz mix. Originally a stray dog found on the streets in Taiwan, Luca has grown into a sweetheart who loves being the center of attention. He’s your typical cuddle bug, he loves to sprawl across his foster when they’re sitting on the couch or laying in bed. He’ll often hug his fosters leg and pull their pant leg when they get up and try to escape. He is highly affectionate and food motivated which will make him very easy to train. Luca has shown minor resource guarding with other dogs around food, but is very friendly and playful with them outside. He has moderate energy levels – but seems the most content after socializing. He is afraid of large objects, loud noises, and lawn lamps (very weird – yes we know). Luca would do great in a home as a single dog or with cats. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning a dog as a member of their family. Luca is patiently waiting!