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Name Loki (aka Yeonu)
Gender Male
Age 4 years old
Breed Pomeranian
Weight 7-9lbs.
Dog Good with small dogs. Not good with big dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Ages 10 and up preferred (Loki is very small, delicate, and fast moving)
Crate-trained Ok in crate
Housebroken In training
Leash In Training (tends to walk in a zigzag pattern, he does not pull)
Behavioral Yes (When he hears noise he will bark. Tends to bark at bikes or fast paced moving objects involving people)
Barker No
Location Fostered in Clayton, CA
Additional Note Korea International program, KK9

Meet Loki (aka Yeonu)! Loki is an adorable 4 year old Pomeranian! He is very bubbly and playful! Loki is energetic when it comes to play time, but is also a lap dog that loves to relax and snuggle. He is very easy when it comes to bringing him out and about (very calm/relaxed when in public places). Loki is very well behaved and always welcoming when he hasn’t seen you for a little. He is great meeting strangers, children and other small dogs!

The ideal home would for Loki will be a family with older kids so he has play buddies and with a yard (he loves to run). He loves his people and is a great companion! We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Loki is patiently waiting!