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Name Jei
Gender Female
Age 11 months old (on 11/15/2019)
Breed Jindo/Shiba Inu mix
Weight 33lbs.
Dog Good with dogs her size or larger
Cat Best in home without, will try to chase
Kids Good with kids, best over 12 due to her shyness
Crate-trained N/A
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training

Meet Jei! Jei is a beautiful 11 month-old Jindo/Shiba Inu mix. She spent her first nine months with several other pups in a narrow fenced in area, competing for resources. Then she was fostered in a home with a golden retriever for a few weeks before leaving Korea, and now she is being fostered in San Francisco, at a home with another Jindo mix dog. Jei needs a dog experienced home due to her shyness. She will take lots of time and patience to open up and to gain confidence in herself.

Jei has come a long way from where she started. She was at first very scared, timid and stressed. She is now learning to walk on the leash without pulling and having her way, showing improvement every day, and loves playing actively with her foster brother in the backyard (and boy does she love the backyard!). She is learning to respond when her name is called, slowly but surely. Jei didn’t let the current foster mom touch her for the first two weeks, but she is now greeting her with jumps and hand licks when she sees her foster in the mornings. She is learning to receive and enjoy petting, but in her own time. Jei is starting to understand what toys are.. still runs away from a ball rolling towards her, but starting to pick up soft toys and nibble on them and kick them around 🙂 She is energetic and playful – she enjoys following you when you’re running with them or playing tag, and she also likes to spend time alone, resting and sleeping, or watching outside the window. Her smile will melt your heart – she is not afraid of new people or new places or things. She gets excited to be in a car while watching the outside world. At the same time, she does show sensitivity to sudden sounds (especially metal clinging) and movements. When she is shown that these sounds or movements will not threaten her, she adapts quickly. She is independent and does not like to be disturbed when she’s sleeping or eating. Jei is good with dogs (a little too excited at first, but working on that!) and prefers playing with dogs her size or bigger. She responds very well to consistent, stern yet affirmative training and teaching.

We are looking for a dog savvy home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of the family, and who will enjoy the process of patiently developing her into the amazing companion she will become. Jei is excitedly waiting!