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Name Bennett (aka Boris)
Gender Male
Age 1 year old
Breed Sapsali mix
Weight 30lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Best in home without children due to shyness/nervousness
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash Very anxious and loud sounds or fast movements will scare him. Needs lots of time to open up and trust before he goes for walks due to flight risk.
Behavioral Shy/skittish and nervous at first, needs lots of time to open up.
Barker Barks out of nervousness/skittishness
Adoption fee $650
Location Fostered in Hayward, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Bennett! Bennett is an adorable 1 year old Sapsali mix. Bennett is a shy/nervous dog likely due to past life experiences before he was rescued. He will shy away if you walk towards him or try to pet him if he isn’t lying down. Bennett is more nervous of men than women due to negative experiences from his past. He does bark when he feels uncomfortable and when pushed will let out a small sound, but has never shown any aggression at all. His foster family has been working with him slowly.

Bennett LOVES butt scratches! Once opened up, he likes to be around people, but on his own terms. He doesn’t like being followed, or cornered, but likes to lie around his foster parents and know what’s going on in the house Bennett really enjoys going on hikes – especially in lower trafficked areas. He is still afraid of cars on normal walks, but has learned to enjoy it a lot! He is potty trained and will never make an accident indoors, but he is not a fan of the rain. Bennet loves to play with other dogs, his puppy side/zoomies comes out when playing! Because of this, having another dog in the house is a requirement for him. He is still working on meeting strangers  and will retreat to his safe spot when new people are in the house. He has shown lots of improvement, but will need a home who is patient with him.

The ideal home for Bennett would be a home with another dog for him to follow and learn to navigate the world with. He is currently being fostered with Dong Dong who is also looking for a home, it would be ideal if Bennett and Dong Dong can stay together since they helped each other open up! A home with no kids would be best just because of how nervous and shy he is, sudden fast movements from children will spook him. Once Bennett gains confidence he’ll be a super sweet guy! He likes to follow his foster parents around the home, but is sensitive to sounds and will get scared when he hears weird sounds. 

We are looking for a patient home who will show Boris that the world is not a scary place and help him gain confidence in himself. Bennett is patiently waiting!