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Name Zephyros
Gender Male
Age 7 months old (as of 11/7/22)
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 26lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Needs slow introduction
Kids Good with kids, does jump from excitement so better with older kids
Crate-trained In Training
Housebroken In training
Leash In training, working on lose-leash walking
Behavioral Some separation anxiety when in crate, but he settles down after a few minutes. Shy/skittish at first, needs time to open up
Barker Alert barks
Adoption fee $650
Location Fostered in San Francisco, CA
Additional Note Korea International program, Ji Se-Ju

Meet Zephyros (Zephyr for short, or Zeph for shorter!)! Zephyros is a sweet and curious 6 months old Jindo mix. He has typical puppy energy and loves all dogs! However, with people he can be a shy at first and needs time and patience to open up and thrive. 

ON LEASH: He is pretty good on leash, still working on fully loose leash walking, but he doesn’t pull a lot considering his age, he gets excited when he sees another dog passing by, and wants to go to them to say hi, and when he reaches them, he is very gentle and sweet, no signs of leash reactivity.

AT HOME: He gets along with his foster’s cattle dog mix female three year old very well. They basically just constantly play at home. He has shown slight signs of food guarding around her. But it is easily manageable by feeding them separately or in distance. He is generally pretty chill at the house, mostly sleeps if he’s not playing with her dog, and sometimes goes to his fosters and gently sits next to them or puts his muzzle on their thighs, asking for pets (it’s super super adorable and cute). He is an affectionate dog! He is in-profess with crate training, he can’t still go to crate on command, and needs some luring (his foster uses some yummy food on a spoon to lure him in), he takes a minute to settle in the crate, but eventually settles down and sleeps. His foster home has only been putting him in crate through the night, not during the day. He doesn’t show any signs of separation anxiety, but he does want to go with you when you leave the house. But when his fosters come back home, there is no damage to the house! He is not a big chewer and they have not seen any signs of destroying things. 

WITH DOGS: He appears to be very good with dogs. His foster took him to an enclosed dog park in SF (upper Douglass park) and he just plays with dogs, even if dogs react to him, he stays calm and doesn’t react back. He has a gentle play style and is not too much. He was also very good at staying with his foster parents and their dog at the park (fully fenced one!) while he was off leash! Him and their dog basically play 24/7 in their house. 

WITH CATS & KIDS: We haven’t had an opportunity to introduce him to cats, and with kids, there is no signs of fear or reactivity, he just gets excited and wants to say hi to them when he sees them.

TEMPERAMENT: He is generally super sweet and loving, wants pets and wants to be with people and dogs, but he’s a bit skittish, which is very much expected considering the long road he has taken to get here, so when people approach him, they need to do so a little slowly, he usually needs to sniff you for a little bit before wanting you to pet him. Once he warms up (which takes only a few minutes) you can give him as much pets as you want 🙂

He is food motivated and is eager to learn. He already knows sit and touch, and his fosters are currently working on sending him to bed (place), to his crate, and “lie down”. 

RECALL: We are not taking him off leash at all, unless in a fully enclosed and fenced area, but his fosters are working on his recall. He doesn’t fully know his name yet, but everyday he is getting better at it! It is too early to work on recall, as they are more focused on getting him to learn his name and to get used to them. 

The ideal family for Zephyrus will be one with another young dog to play with and help burn off puppy energy or one with an active lifestyle. Since he still jumps up when excited, he would be better in a home with adults or older children. Do you have the love and patience to grow with him? We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy. Zephyros is patiently waiting!