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Name Sugo
Gender Male
Age 4 years old
Breed FMD mix
Weight 35lbs.
Dog Dog-selective
Cat Good with cats
Kids No young children
Crate-trained No
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash
Behavioral Shy at first. Anxious in new environments.
Location Located in Pleasanton, CA

Meet Sugo! Sugo is a lovable 4 year old FMD adopted in 2020. Unfortunately his current parents will be relocating and don’t feel that the new environment will suit his needs. They feel Sugo deserves to be with an active dog loving family with ample space to meet his energy levels and thrive.

Sugo’s personality is sweet and goofy, and he’s extremely smart. He knows a variety of tricks and learns new tricks quickly, and he loves to be challenged with food puzzles. During the late morning/early afternoon, you’ll find him napping in a cozy spot. He’ll sleep on any beds, dog beds, or couches he can find. When he’s recharged and ready to play, he requires a large fenced space to run and play with his toys as a simple walk won’t tire him out. He loves being outside: hikes, wooded parks, and the beach are a few favorites. While he loves to play, he dislikes rowdiness and startles easily, therefore Sugo would not be suited in a family with small children. He’s also over-excitable and would benefit from parents who are experienced in correcting this behavior.

Sugo’s anxiety has drastically improved since his parents first adopted him, although he is still very anxious in unfamiliar environments and around unfamiliar people/dogs. It will take time for someone to gain his trust, but once you’ve earned it he’s a loyal companion. He gets carsick and does not travel well, therefore he would do best with a family that doesn’t travel far too often or has family/friends with whom he would be comfortable staying while his owners are gone. 

Sugo is very dog-selective and doesn’t do well at dog parks. His new owners should be experienced with introducing unfamiliar dogs in a gradual, controlled manner. As with people, once he knows a dog well he has no problem. Sugo would be very happy in a single-dog home or with another dog of the same or larger size that matches his temperament. When there is another dog around that he knows well, it helps him open up faster.

We are looking for a forever home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Sugo is patiently waiting!