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Name Ponyo
Gender Female
Age 3 years and 10 months old
Breed FMD mix
Weight 50lbs.
Dog Some reactivity meeting new dogs
Cat Some reactivity
Kids Best 16+ due to some reactivity
Crate-trained N/A
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash
Behavioral Some reactivity to new/unfamiliar people, can also react to other dogs
Barker Occasional
Adoption fee $350
Location Redwood City, CA
Additional Note Taiwan International program

Meet Ponyo! Ponyo is a sweet, loving, playful, friendly dog, with so many wonderful qualities. She is a 3-year and 10-month old Formosan Mountain dog. (Born in October 2017). She was adopted by a loving family; due to a change in the family’s life circumstances, she needs to be rehomed.

Ponyo is very empathetic and can read human emotions exceptionally well. She is a joyful girl, and loves to snuggle and play with her humans. She plays “slapjack” with her paws and your hands, and has the most gentle mouth. She loves to play fetch – sometimes she will grab a toy and try to play on her own, and then she will look to you for some help! She is polite and gentle with her family – she comes and puts her head on your lap, or puts her paw up on the couch or bed, just to tell you how much she loves you. Ponyo loves going for walks and will sit patiently waiting for her leash. She is house trained, is learning the doggy door, and she won’t chew up your furniture.
Ponyo will thrive as an only-dog, in a home with adults. She can be shy with new people, but warms up after a few hours. She does have some resource guarding with other dogs – but it’s easily manageable by controlling her environment and with ongoing training. She would do best in a home with experienced dog owners. Ponyo can be full of energy, and would love to go with you on hikes, beach trips, or runs. She also knows how to be mellow and hang out with you at home throughout the day.
Ponyo would very much like to find a home that is the right fit for her, where she can thrive and find the happiness that she deserves. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning a dog as a member of their family. Ponyo is patiently waiting!