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Name Pele
Gender Female
Age 11 months (as of 9/7/22)
Breed Mastiff mix
Weight 80+ when full grown
Dog Best as only, has resource guarding
Cat No cats
Kids Children 50lbs+ for safety reasons
Crate-trained In Training
Housebroken In training
Leash Needs Training
Behavioral Resource guarding with dogs. Bonds easily to people; friendly, playful, happy.
Barker Alert barks
Adoption fee $650
Location Fostered in San Francisco, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Pele! Sweet Pele is a happy, friendly, enthusiastic, curious giant puppy girl. She is a Mastiff / mix, about 10 – 12 months old. If you’re a big-dog person, then you need to meet her! She will steal your heart with her gentle love and loyalty.

Pele was rescued from an illegal Korean meat farm, after the owner abandoned the dogs to escape a wildfire that tore through the area. Sadly, the dogs were left stuck in their cages and many did not survive the fire. Pele was the most severely burnt dog who did survive. Just as Pele the volcano goddess brings fire and devastation, which time turns into a beautiful paradise, this sweet Pele has arisen from fire and will become a wonderful and amazing companion.

Pele is a loving and loyal girl, who follows her foster mom around all over the house. She has not experienced much affection or petting in her life, but she is quickly learning how wonderful it is to be touched and scratched. She is learning a routine, and the rules around being a house-dog. She is fine in the crate as long as her foster mom is in the room, and separation anxiety issues are being actively worked on. Pele is mostly good around other dogs, but she doesn’t know her own size, and has some resource guarding issues. She would be best as an only dog, who gets regular structured socialization with other big and friendly dogs. So far she has not had any potty accidents in the house. She has not been tested on leash walks, but will likely need some time to figure it out. She would be best in a home without small animals, and for safety reasons (she is huge, clumsy, and enthusiastic), children in the home should be about 50lbs or more.

Pele is currently 75 lbs and underweight. She will probably be 100 – 120lbs full grown. She has extensive scarring from her wounds, and a few spots are still a little bit open. She doesn’t need any specific medical attention at this time, other than keeping the open areas clean and keeping her scars covered from the sun.

Pele is located in Dublin, CA. She is patiently waiting for someone with a heart big enough to hold her in it!