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Name Patti
Gender Female
Age 1 year (as of 9/7/22)
Breed Formosan Mountain Dog mix
Weight 40-45lbs
Dog Good with dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Afraid of kids
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash OK on leash in quiet areas
Behavioral Shy at first, then super-playful
Barker No
Adoption fee Sponsored
Location Fostered in El Sobrante, CA
Additional Note Taiwan International program

Meet Patti! Sweet Patti is a happy, playful, cuddly, silly, loving, adorable 1-year old Formosan Mountain Dog mix. Patti loves snuggling with her foster mom, playing with the other dogs, begging for food, and giving enthusiastic kisses. She will charm you with her silly grin and darling personality.

Patti is easy to have around the house! She is house trained, uses the doggie door, doesn’t chew things up, and isn’t much of a barker. She does well with any dog she meets, playing happily and confidently. She does well in the crate for meals, and will stay in the crate without fussing if needed. She doesn’t have any problems with separation anxiety.  She is super food motivated, so she will be easy to train.

It might take Patti a little while to get used to a new person. But she has gained so much confidence since she’s been with her foster mom – now she’ll take food from almost anyone she meets! After a few days, she will be totally comfortable, and want to be on your lap and snuggle you in the bed at night. It won’t take long for her to show her playful and goofy side!

Patti would thrive in a home with another dog and a yard. She enjoys walks in open spaces without many people, and gets nervous with too much commotion (traffic, people, etc). So her ideal neighborhood would be quiet and maybe near an open-space type of trail for walks. She is afraid of kids, so she should be in a home with adults. She hasn’t been tested with cats, but would probably be fine. She is very gentle, and would be fine with an older person.

Patti is being fostered in El Sobrante. She is patiently waiting for the right person or family, who can help her learn that the world is safe, people are gentle, and she is brave and confident.