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Name Noel
Gender Male
Age 2 years old
Breed Sapsali mix
Weight 30lbs.
Dog Ok with other dogs, likes the chase. Best as only dog in the home.
Cat N/A, he wants to chase strays
Kids Best with older children who knows to approach him slowly in the beginning and be patient with him as he opens up
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash Pulls - will need continuous training
Behavioral Leash reactivity - he is a puller on the leash; will benefit from extra training
Barker Barks at strangers and odd noises he hears around the house sometimes
Location Fostered in San Francisco, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Noel! Noel is a super cuddly and affectionate 2 year old Korean Sapsali mix. He was rescued as a stray pup who at one point was hit by a car. He is a sweet and loving guy who will actively shove his face into you for hugs and pets and place himself on your lap when you are sitting for some attention. He likes to greet you by standing up and resting his paws on you so he can get all the scritches and lovings. He likes to be around you when you are home, so he will lay next to you when you are on your computer or watching tv. He has the cutest puppy face under all of that shaggy hair. He’s got eyelashes that are every girl’s envy and the cutest floppy ears that react to things.

Noel is a smart guy, and his foster parents have already taught him to sit for attention, give-paw, high-five, and he’s working on down! He’s an exceptionally fast learner – it only took him one day to learn give-paw! Noel loves walks, so expect to see a silly, funny, excited tap show when you bring out the leash. Noel plays well alone with his toys, and also loves to play with his people. He will chase a ball around for a little bit by himself and loves to go fetch the toys you throw. (Whether he will bring it back to you or not is a hit or miss.)

Noel would thrive in a home with a single woman, who wants a loyal, sweet, loving doggy-guy who will be her companion and protector. He takes a little while to warm up to men. His foster family does have both a man and woman, and he did bark at the foster-dad for a day, but then he bonded and now he loves them both. In some ways he’s like a little human in a dog shape – he demands bodily autonomy, and doesn’t like to be grabbed by strangers. (Which is totally fair – who does want to be grabbed by a stranger?) So he wouldn’t thrive in a home with quite young children. And he might bark initially at strangers – but that’s his job, is to keep his people safe! (The Korean Sapsali is written as wards of evil in history books so sometimes his fosters like to think that when he is barking, he is yelling at evil spirits to go away!)

Noel has some energy to burn, and would do well with someone who hikes, jogs, or just is generally active. He does well with other dogs, and will play for hours, as long as there aren’t any special toys or special treats that might cause jealousy and spoil the fun. He would also do well with someone who can take him to an obedience class, where he can learn how to concentrate and respond to his humans, in a chaotic environment.

Noel is patiently waiting for the right person or family, who can be his forever home! If you think that you might be that person, please fill out an application, because we would love to hear from you!