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Name Mia
Gender Female
Age 6 months old (As of 4/3/2024)
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 20lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Ok with cats, will try to play but knows to stay away if they hiss.
Kids Best with kids 13+ due to shyness
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash, but flight risk due to shyness
Behavioral Shy at first, warms up to strangers in a few hours.
Barker No
Location Fostered in Castro Valley, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Mia! Mia loves to give kisses to her foster parents and fur siblings and takes her job seriously to wake up the high schoolers in the morning so they make it to school on time.  She loves to cuddle on the couch next to you and sleep.  Mia also loves to play with other dogs! She is young and still learning so she will need someone who has experience with puppies.  Give her time and positive reinforcements and she will learn fast!

You can slowly build up her tolerance to new things with treats. She is very food driven. Mia is afraid of strangers but with treats, she will sit next to them after a while.  She is teething so she will chew on everything but if you provide her with plenty of chew toys, she will chew on those. 

She is starting leash training with a harness and being outside. Mia has learned to sit and wait during her walks rather than pull the other direction when a stranger is walking by. She loves her walks and gets excited when she sees the harness and leash. She is a fast learner for new words and tricks and loves treats. She understands words like “inside, outside, leash on, kennel up, sit, wait, down”.  

She is a goofy, playful, attentive girl who will do well with someone who can give her lots of love and patience. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy. Mia is patiently waiting!