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Name Lyla
Gender Female
Age 10 months old
Breed German shepherd/Syberian Husky/Australian shepherd
Weight 40-45lbs.
Dog Loves to play
Cat Good with cats (might chase to play)
Kids N/A
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training
Behavioral Mild separation anxiety
Barker Will talk like a husky
Location Fostered in Santa Cruz, CA

Meet Lyla! Lyla is an active, beautiful, and very playful 10-month-old German shepherd/Siberian husky/Australian shepherd mix. Lyla came to Love and Second Chances as her time was running out in the shelter. Prior to coming to the shelter, she was a stray dog, so she is working on her confidence as a family pet. While she is initially shy around new people, her big personality quickly comes out as you spend time with her. 

As a mix of three very active working and herding dog breeds, Lyla requires an outlet for her energy. Her current foster home takes her to the beach and on long walks every day. She would thrive with a hobby such as agility training! She would also make an excellent running or hiking buddy. She absolutely loves trips to the beach and hikes. Training is also a great outlet for her energy and she will require continued training once she finds her forever home. 

Lyla enjoys spending time with her people and you will most likely find her following you around the house. She is very sweet and enjoys pets and belly rubs. If you are working she enjoys snuggling up in a dog bed nearby and snoozing (as long as she’s getting her regular exercise of course). She is completely house-trained, so she will let you know when she needs to go outside for the bathroom. She is a puppy and going through a chewing phase, so she will need supervision and appropriate toys to play with. Lyla currently lives with adult, indoor cats, but she does occasionally chase them as she wants to play. Lyla adores playing with other dogs and would do well in a household with a similarly-sized, playful dog or as an only dog. Lyla is crate-trained and is quiet sleeping in her crate overnight, but she is hesitant to go into her crate, so we are working on making it a more positive place for her. While Lyla is quiet overnight, she is a vocal dog in general and will communicate with you through barks and whines. 

Lyla is currently in one-on-one training to work on her leash manners and confidence. Lyla has come a long way since she was first rescued, but she will require a savvy owner who is committed to continuing her training journey. Lyla is not food-motivated so this requires extra patience when it comes to training. She can be stubborn (we think this comes from the husky part of her DNA), but she is very smart and is making wonderful progress. She is currently working on having her harness taken on and off in a relaxed manner, not pulling on the leash, and calmly greeting other dogs. Lyla is an absolute sweetheart and she will be an incredible companion for an active, patient household who is ready to give Lyla plenty of love, attention, training, and exercise!