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Name Jasmine
Gender Female
Age 7 years old
Breed Chihuahua mix
Weight 17lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Good with cats
Kids Good with kids
Crate-trained Good in kennel
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash
Behavioral Shy at first
Barker No
Adoption fee Sponsored!
Location fostered in Berkeley, Ca
Additional Note Will need a patient home and savvy home able to give her time to open up!


You will fall in love with the sweet, calm energy that Jazzy will bring into your home. She is an easy girl to have around the house – a quiet gentle spirit who loves to take naps and play with her toys (with you or on her own).  She is an adorable 17 lb. white chihuahua mix (about the size of a Jack Russell Terrier) who gets excited when she sees you, but doesn’t rush people and gives you the space you need around the house when you aren’t able to give her attention. She is not a barker either inside or outside of the house.  Whatever the other part of her “mix” was, it was a very mellow and kind breed for sure.

She has a very gentle nature and shows no aggression with adults, children or dogs or cats.  She loves to take walks, with a smile on her face as she sniffs with enthusiasm.  She is a very brisk walker but usually slows down a bit as the walk continues.  On her walks, she is great with kids (really loves kids) and is also good with other dogs. She may shy away from some larger ones, but with ones she trusts she wags her tail and exchanges sniffs. She would probably be really happy in a home with an enclosed outside area because she loves the outdoors, but she is also happy with a few walks a day. As many as you want to take her on!

Jazzy was attacked by a dog and abused by a man while she was in South Korea, so naturally she can be a bit cautious with new people.  It may take her a minute to gain your trust, however, her current foster said that within a day or two Jazzy was loving being scratched behind the ears and was rolling around on the carpet and getting belly rubs.  She will still need someone who will be patient with her since it may take a bit for her to completely let her guard down and be totally comfortable with lots of affection and close cuddles. Because of the dog attack she suffered, the cartilage in her right ear was damaged and the ear stays folded back and pressed down onto her head.  She doesn’t seem to even be aware of it and it gives her character!  Due to her experiences in South Korea, Jazzy would probably do best in an all-female (or primarily female) home environment.

Things you will fall in love with: 1) She will start to doze off while still sitting up – her beautiful, long white eyelashes slowly closing down; 2) When she does a full-body shake (like dogs do after getting wet) her right leg raises up a bit and goes in circles, making it look like she is “DJ Jazzy” scratching a record; 3) When she is playing with her favorite toy (a chipmunk with a tennis ball as its belly) she will at times make tiny squealing noises of excitement.

Jazzy is very loving and is happiest when someone is around but she happily crawls into a favorite spot on the couch or her doggie bed to go to sleep and does not seem to have separation anxiety. She doesn’t mind being brushed/groomed but even though she is a little dog she has a lot of hair. She does shed so there will be some hair on the floor and sometimes on your pants. The couch is her comfort place or any spot with her soft blanket on top.

We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Jazzy is patiently waiting to meet you!