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Name Bonnie (aka Boyoung)
Gender Female
Age 6 months (Born on 2022/11/05)
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 26-29lbs.
Dog Good with dogs, but need supervision around smaller dogs. She tries to press onto smaller dogs with her paws, so a home with no small dogs is recommended.
Cat N/A, doesn't mind cats on her walks
Kids Friendly when meeting children on her walks, but has not been near children in indoor setting.
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Pad trained
Leash Good on leash
Behavioral She tries to pull at clothes when she's excited but her foster is trying to train her not to and she's getting better. She tries to run from the leash but once it is on she's fine.
Barker Alert barks at people talking outside
Adoption fee $650
Additional Note Korea International program, WE.HUG
Meet Bonnie (aka Boyoung)! Bonnie and her littermates were born to a mama-dog (Nurung) who has lived her whole life on a short leash, in her owner’s private work property. Nurung’s owner keeps breeding her, and sending all the puppies to other homes, where they have to live the same sad life, tied to a short leash forever.
Luckily, they were spotted by rescuers who managed to convince the owner to give them up, and that they would be adopted to good homes (unfortunately they were unable to convince them to give up Nurung as well). That’s how Bonnie and her littermates ended up at the WE.HUG shelter, and currently in her foster home.
Generally, Bonnie is gentle and has shown no aggression. She is curious and is fast to pick up on things. She loves praises!
She will do great in all homes in general, but we do not recommend a home with smaller dogs or families that leave her alone for too long. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy. Bonnie is patiently waiting!