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Name Bailey
Gender Female
Age 14 weeks (@5/12/2024)
Breed Border Collie
Weight 15lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Best with kids 13+
Crate-trained In Training
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training
Behavioral High energy, teething
Barker In crate at times and while playing
Adoption fee $450
Location Fostered in Pleasanton, CA
Additional Note Double merle, deaf, blind in 1 eye

Hi!  My name is Bailey!  I’m a 14 week old, female, double merle, border collie.  I look different from most border collies, because I am a rare double merle.  Let me explain in unscientific terms what that means: “Merle” is the genetic pattern in my coat; those mottled patches of coloring.  It also affects my skin pigment.  My mom and dad were both merles, so I was one of the lucky puppies that got those recessive genes.  Therefore, I’m white with merle markings, deaf, and blind in one eye.  My foster mom says that just means I’m both adorable AND special.  

Here is my story – An unsuspecting couple bought me from a shady breeder in Castro Valley.  The breeder told that nice couple that I was a boy (yuck) and failed to mention my deafness and blindness.  The couple took me to the vet where they were told I was a girl, deaf, and blind in one eye.  They were overwhelmed with the idea and decided they no longer wanted me.  The vet asked them not to take me back to the breeder because I would probably be euthanized; since I have those recessive merle genes, I would serve no purpose to a breeder.  So the couple surrendered me to the vet who called my foster parents.  They rescued me on behalf of Love & Second Chances.  After getting all my vaccinations, I’m here and ready for adoption!  

So what am I up to now?  I’m sweet as can be and all wrapped up in a soft, beautiful coat.  I have sharp puppy teeth, am mouthy, playful, mischievous, and full of high energy.  I love to play with all dogs, but can be annoying to the senior dogs.  I don’t know if I like cats or if they like me.  I love, love, love playing with toys and require lots of them to keep me busy and my mind occupied.   A yard is a must because I require lots of exercise and mental stimulation.  Nap time is frequent as with all puppies, but my foster parents say I’m just recharging.

Despite those recessive genes, I’m still considered one of the smartest breeds and am ready to learn.  I was potty trained in a day, using a doggie door!  But because I’m deaf, my adopter and I will need to communicate differently: like hand signals.  That will require work on our part, but other deaf dogs and their owners do it all the time!  

Hopefully I have convinced you that I’m a great dog looking for the right home.  If you’re not familiar with the border collie breed, do your research please, as I will require a dog savvy home.  I need some special attention from a special family that is willing to work with me.  I’m worth it, I promise.  Are you that special family?  Apply and maybe you’ll get the chance to meet me and maybe even adopt me!