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Name Babe
Gender Male
Age 1.5 years old
Breed French Bulldog
Weight 27.5lbs.
Dog Best with dogs 15lbs+
Cat N/A
Kids Best with kids 10+
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training
Adoption fee $750
Location Fostered in Mountain House, CA

Have you always wanted a miniature Hippo? 

Meet “Babe!”  He is the friendliest and quietest Hippo you’ll ever meet!!!  He doesn’t Bark randomly (I mean grunt).  He’s fine being on his own as well and knows how to use a doggy door too!

Robust and muscular, this Hippo (I mean Frenchie) waddles just like a Hippo!  His little tail wags as he walks and it’s quite entertaining just watching him move around. At only 27.5 pounds of pure muscle, he is solid as can be!

Don’t let his resting grump face fool you!  Babe is always in a good mood and loves loves loves to play, get attention from any human or dog and will cuddle up and snore right next to you!

He’s a TOTAL L❤️VE!

Do watch for your Crocs as he does have an affinity for chewing on his foster mom’s Croc Flip Flops. He has managed to wrangle two pairs already!  Keep shoes and anything you don’t want chewed out of reach as he is still a puppy at 1.5 years old.  He’ll give you a look with his toothies partially exposed and you simply can’t help adore him even if he chewed your favorite Flip Flops.

Which then brings us to his love of toys and stuffies!  He gets a lot of enjoyment in play and knows how to play on his own.  He would love to pick out his toys so a subscription to Bark Box would be ideal for him.

He is crate trained and completely potty trained already but you’d need him to get used to your home so keep him contained in the beginning. 

He was using disposable belly bands (male dog diapers) but he wasn’t relieving himself on them.  He’s a really GOOD BOY!

Babe will make you laugh with his antics.  He’s very entertaining and endearing.  Sweet and handsome as can be, a forever family to call his own is what he wishes for.

He was in a hoarding situation and another rescue convinced his hooman to give him up.  He was covered in sores and was kept in a rusty cage his whole life.  His paws were raw and he had difficulty walking on pavement at first.  Poor baby!!!

His foster mom is a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer and he has been learning the following:

Off Leash and Recall with Distractions
Loose Leash Walking (still working on this)
Threshold Stay
Threshold Wait
Traveling in a Crate while in a Car
Desensitized him to being in a Crate at home
Gentle when being hand fed a treat

He does have some allergies on his skin of which the Vet had given him meds for.  But he doesn’t sneeze nor does he have any respiratory issues.

He plays well with Little dogs but he is best in a home with a dog no smaller than 15 lbs because he can be a little rough in play.

He doesn’t seem to mind kids but he’s best in a home with children older than 10 years old. 

He has been transitioned to a RAW diet as he had really bad diarrhea and very loose stool when he first arrived at his foster Mom.  That has been resolved with a well balanced raw diet.  He also enjoys Freeze Dried Raw.

Since being trained in Positive Reinforcement and being fed a wholesome raw diet, Babe’s personality has really blossomed!!!  He is an absolute JOY and a very happy Hippo!

A family who will continue to only use Positive Reinforcement Training is best suited for him.  He’s quite sensitive and thrives in an environment where he isn’t hurt or reprimanded harshly.  He is veer well behaved, intelligent and just a lovely sweet Hippo (I mean, Frenchie!)