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Name Almond (aka Dalgom)
Gender Male
Age 1 year old
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 32lbs.
Dog Selective (He gets overwhelmed by bigger, high energy dogs)
Cat N/A
Kids Good with kids 12+ due to shyness
Crate-trained Ok in crate, needs some work
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training
Behavioral Shy at first, slight car sickness, selective with dogs
Barker Will bark at strange noises
Adoption fee $550
Location fostered in San Francisco, Ca
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Almond (aka Dalgom)! Almond is an adorable 1 year old Jindo mix. He is THE sweetest, most gentle pup. He loves to get comfortable and can often be found stretched out on the bed or snuggled up next to his foster human with his head resting on his leg.

When Almond first arrived, he was very shy and timid. He’s come a long way and needs a family that will continue to work on building his confidence. It helps that Almond is a naturally curious pup who will go out of his comfort zone to sniff and investigate things around him. He now enjoys meeting new dogs on walks, though can be shy at first and selective about which dogs he wants to interact and play with. He can get overwhelmed by bigger, rambunctious dogs and shy away from them. It takes time, treats, and sometimes more than one meeting for him to warm up to new people. If a stranger approaches him directly without a proper introduction, Almond may give a light sound of discomfort. He may also bark at strange noises in the house but he is a very gentle, non-aggressive pup.

Almond is treat-motivated and learning to consistently follow commands. So far he knows “sit,” “paw,” “leave it,” “come,” “drop it,” and is working on his recall. When Almond is not following his foster human around, he’s all about that ball life. He’s great at playing fetch (but working on returning the ball consistently) and can spend chunks of time entertaining himself by pawing, pouncing, and chasing his ball. He’s oddly good at balancing on his hind legs — a trait that he’s used to his advantage as a professional counter-surfer. He quickly learned he’s not allowed to counter-surf but sometimes will still do it if the rewards outweigh the risk of getting caught. While he has a noticeable underbite, it has not caused issues with how he eats or drinks.

Almond is good on leash and enjoys chasing birds, squirrels, and leaves blowing in the wind so can pull when distracted. He can get car sick but has improved significantly since he first arrived. He’s getting better with car rides up to 30 minutes but will need more work for longer rides.

Almond would do well in a quiet home with a family that continues to build his confidence, gives him all the affection he deserves, and understands the responsibilities of raising a young dog as a member of the family. Almond is patiently waiting!