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Name Alice
Gender Female
Age 5 months old
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 16-20lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Curious
Kids Good with kids
Housebroken Pad trained
Leash Ok on leash
Barker Barks out of excitement
Adoption fee $650
Additional Note Korea International program, Ji Se-Ju

Meet Alice! Alice is an adorable 5 months old Jindo mix. She and her siblings were rescued from Gwangju, South Korea. Volunteers who feeds stray cats saw a dirty puppy wandering around and followed him. As they followed, they found three in the field and three in an abandoned house next to it. They gave them food for two days, and they were thinking about what to do with the mother and the six dogs, but when they went on the third day, the farmer’s grandmother beat the young puppy because the field was ruined when the puppies played on it. They put the puppies in onion nets to contain them. When the mother dog barked, a nearby hospital next to the field reported it to the shelter. The farmer’s grandmother swore to kill all the puppies with drugs, so the volunteers quickly found rescuers to confiscate them. One of the four puppies escaped and the rest were rescued.

Alice is a sweet girl who loves to play with other dogs. She is friendly with kids and shows curiosity when seeing cats. Alice is a very good girl who has no separation anxiety. She loves to stay around her people and hang out.
We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy. Alice is patiently waiting!