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Martha – Adoption Pending
Name: Martha
Age: 13 months old (as of 1/29/21)
Gender: Female
Breed: FMD mix
Weight: 30 - 35lbs.
Dogs: Needs to be in a home with another dog
Cats: No cats, will chase
Kids: 13 or older
Housebroken: Yes
Crate trained: Ok in crate
Leash: Good on leash
Brief Bio:

Martha is the most goofy, energetic gazelle-dog you have ever met! She is currently being fostered with Julie (click for profile), and they would both like to request that some wonderful family adopts them together, because they have become BFFs and want to be together forever.

Martha takes her role as a gazelle-dog seriously. She is athletic, bouncy, and also quite timid with new people. She jumps over baby gates, and had to be taught that she isn’t supposed to jump ONTO kitchen counters to graze. She doesn’t trust strangers, but conveniently she has a large amount of FOMO, and HAS TO come over to see what the other dogs are getting! She can’t possibly let the other dogs get treats or attention, without claiming some for herself! And fortunately, Julie, her little partner-in-crime, is the most friendly dog ever, so she will help bring Martha right out of her shell. Once she does get to know you, she is a loving, sweet thing, who curls up next to you like a baby-deer in the woods.

Martha has a lot of energy, and would be great at something like agility. Fortunately, Julie also has a lot of energy, and they burn each other out like an explosion, saving their foster mom HOURS of walks, exercise, and repetitions of “Will you settle down!” Like an explosion, they can get loud with their play, and it sounds like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, Terrifying Animals to Stay Away From episode.

Martha is house trained (with a doggie door), does well on leash, and (mostly) doesn’t chew up the house. (Electric blankets need to beware, though – those wires hidden inside do not stand a chance!) She rides well in the car, loves to go on walks, and does fine seeing strangers at the park. (Except that she will bark at men who stand and stare at her, or some children.) She is 30 lbs now, full grown. She no longer chases her foster mom’s cat, but will definitely chase any cat that runs.

She is being fostered in El Sobrante. Martha is waiting for her forever home, who understands that it will take patience and time for her to grow into her full confident, independent personality!

How to help?

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