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Dolan – Adoption Pending
Name: Dolan
Age: 1 year and 1 months old (As of 9/25/2020)
Gender: Male
Breed: Jindo mix
Weight: 20lbs.
Dogs: Good with dogs (Best with smaller or his size)
Cats: No cats
Kids: Preferably no children, is shy and timid
Housebroken: Yes
Crate trained: In training
Leash: In Training
Brief Bio:

Meet Dolan! Dolan was found with Chad, Sekyoung, and Moel in October 2019. He is an easy going, long bodied, naturally skinny, neutered male dog, weighing approximately 18-20lbs. A day in the life of Dolan usually consist of a quick potty break around 9am. Dolan is great on a leash and easy to manage. After going back inside the house, he unwinds for a bit then prefers to sleep! He is quite the napper. Around 11am Dolan eats his breakfast. He is a picky eater and prefers wet food and actual meat (dog friendly of course). His foster usually will soak his kibble for 10mins in water and then add fresh chicken to his meal. Once its ready, Dolan will go straight to just eating just the chicken (leaving the kibble behind, for a later snack). If you want a dog that is an easy eater, then Dolan is not the dog for you. He is also picky with his dog treat too, but have found that he likes Pupperoni 🙂 For most of the day, Dolan likes to relax, either on the couch, bed, or patio. He is for the most part a quiet dog. Around 2pm, his foster takes him for a 40min walk, and around 6pm she takes him to the dog park. Dolan must absolutely be crated during any car drive, even if it’s only 5 mins. Dolan gets really nervous in cars, and will barf if left loose inside. So please keep that in mind!

Dolan can be timid and scared when in new places, meeting new people and dogs, and lots of noise going on. If not handled correctly, he will act out in fear and get snappy. That is why it’s important he goes to an experienced owner, and one that will work on his confidence with him. Although Dolan is friendly with other dogs (small dogs preferred as bigger dogs are too scary for him), it does take Dolan some time to warm up and get inside the small-dog dog park. One time it even took him 30mins because he was so scared. But after working with Dolan, and being patient with him, he eventually warmed up and next thing you know, he’s running around with the other dogs and forgetting all about you. So please keep that in mind, that you can not force or rush Dolan, but instead just needs more patience to work up his confidence.

His foster has only seen Dolan really bark on 2 occasions. Once was at the dog park, he can get overly excited and start barking while playing. Another time is if he gets spooked.

When his foster first brought home Dolan, he was very quiet and to himself, and would sleep in the crate without making a sound. They learned right away that he was a picky eater since he wasn’t really eating the kibble they got him for the first couple of days. Although Dolan is skinny, no matter how much food or snacks they put in front of him, he wasn’t eating it unless he liked it. They bought Dolan a few toys, but found that he doesn’t really care for them. The first few days after bringing Dolan home, they took it easy to access his personality and give him time to adjust. He was definitely shy but respectable. After a few more days, they finally saw his personality open up! He would approach them more freely, and would want to be in the same room as them. They finally got him to eat more too! And they continued to guide him when walking by other people and dogs. Taking him to the dog park has also helped a lot too! They always made sure to evaluate the other dogs at the park to make sure there were no rowdy dogs and that it was calm. Gradually they would get Dolan closer and closer to the entrance. They would give him small treats to coax him and show him that he was okay to be with other dogs/people. Eventually, he will walk inside the park and next thing you know, he’s running around making friends. Please keep in mind, that it will take about a week for Dolan to adjust to his new life with you when adopted 🙂

Having Dolan now for a little over a week, he has improved so much! He now likes to interact with his foster home and wakes them up in the mornings. He also prefers not to be crated at night, as he much rather just sleep on the floor (no need for blankets/cushions either). Although, you will find him relaxing on the bed once in awhile, that is when you know he is truly making himself at home. Dolan also seems a lot more happier and energetic, and loves going on lots of walks and now looks forward to the dog park!

Dolan would fit best in a quiet household with no children, adults only, would be fine with another dog his size. Absolutely no puppies and/or cats. Dolan is house trained, and will whine if he really needs to go, but does best if kept on a schedule and taken out frequently (every 3-4 hours although he can hold it longer!). Dolan does need more work on crate training, he likes to chew when he’s inside, so lots of chew toys would be the way to go! Dolan will not chew your personal belongings, dig holes, or bark when people come over, which are all a plus! He is an easy dog and would make for a beloved pet for the right owner!

We are looking for a dog experienced home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy as a member of their family. Dolan is patiently waiting!

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