18 Sep 2016

7 Bottle Babies Needs Foster!


UPDATE: Foster found for puppies! Thank you everyone who helped share! These little cuties will be available for adoption in a couple weeks, stay tuned!

Urgent! Please share! We have 7 puppies that need foster homes experienced or willing to take in puppies needing bottle feeding. One of our rescuers took in these bottle babies when she saw a homeless man selling them. They are only 3-4 weeks old, no where near ready to leave their mom. ? Luckily she was able to get them all into her care but her home is very full with other rescues. The puppies can be split up to 2-3 groups but they will require 2-3 weeks of foster until they are able to be weened and moved or placed up for adoption. There are 5 girls and 2 boys. These puppies are currently in Stockton, CA. Please share and help us find these babies a foster home!