10 Dec 2013

Sunshine – Adopted!


We are very happy to share that Sunshine has found her loving forever home! This adorable girl had a really sad past but now her future is very bright! Sunshine was abandoned after she was no longer useful as a breeding dog, she found herself homeless and tired. Thankfully a rescue partner was able to get her out and to the vet for medical care. Sunshine had been overbred and had infections to overcome. Sunshine never gave up and regardless of what she has been through she is always forgiving. We’re so glad this lovely girl finally has a home to call her own! Enjoy your life Sunshine!

“Hello, She’s just such a sweet and loving little thing. I was afraid she’d be timid and fearful until she got to know us, but she ran right up to all the family, sits on their laps and likes hugs. You’d never believe she’d ever been mistreated. We love her very much and thank you, Karen”

Photos: Click to enlarge, hover mouse over image for caption.

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