7 Jul 2013

Heidie – Adopted!

Heidi home

UPDATE: We’re happy to share that Heidi now Tailey has found his loving home! Heidi is enjoying her days with her new home and a fur sister. We couldn’t be happier for this little girl! Enjoy your life Heidi!

“We can report to you that Tailey has found her “forever family”! Things have gone very well with our new family member and we all love her!  She’s starting to know her name that we selected given her heritage and unusual sound.  When people ask us how we came up with the name we can tell them her “story”.  Tailey has bonded extremely well with our beagle, Molly.  Molly had been showing her loneliness at the loss of her older sister and has now come “alive” once more.  They play well, share toys, play tug-a-war, wrestle with each other, and play hide and chase several times during the day yet still value and respect each other’s separate time. Tailey is loving to play with a little ball and thinks every apricot on our tree is a suitable ball as well!  I have had them on walks together and Tailey is catching on quickly.  I have had her in a large crate and also in the kitchen with Molly when I have run to the store without incidents.  I plan on introducing her to our vet next Friday morning.  She’s a cutie and has won all our hearts! Attached are few pictures of her and Molly. Thanks again for bringing Tailey to us, we are very grateful and will take very good care of her with love.”

Update Photos: Click to enlarge, hover mouse over image for caption.

DSC_0420_2 DSC_0317_2 DSC_0381_2 DSC_0401_2 DSC_0353_2 DSC_0418_2 DSC_0384_2

HeidieName: Heidie
Age: 2.5 months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Collie Mix
Weight: 6lbs
Dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: n/a
Kids: Good with kids
Housebroken: Potty pad trained
Crate trained: n/a
Leash: Ok on leash

Brief Bio: Meet Heidie! Heidie and Yankee’s mom was a stray dog living in the country side. She was terribly skinny but still tried her best to find food for her babies. Luckily our volunteer found them and took them in. Heidie’s mom was very lucky to be the first to find a home, now it’s time for her puppies to find their own forever homes. Heidie and Yankee are now very healthy, active, cute and friendly puppies. We hope they can be as lucky as their mom and find someone who will love them and willing to take care of them forever. Heidie is patiently waiting!

Photos: Click to enlarge, hover mouse over image for caption.

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