20 May 2013

Dori – Adopted!

Dori home

We’re happy to share that Dori has found her loving home! Poor Dori had a very sad past, she was abandoned on the streets at a young age and was hit by a car. As a stray Dori went without treatment so her arms healed on its own, Dori’s arm was deformed as if she had a missing arm. Regardless of the horrific past, Dori is a very happy and friendly girl. Thankfully a foster home stepped up to take her in and lucky for little Dori her foster home is now her forever home! Dori is now enjoying her days romping around playing and snuggling close to her new family. Enjoy your life Dori!

Update Photos: Click to enlarge, hover mouse over image for caption.

Dori.cute Dori.outside Dori.Theresa1 Doribywindcatcher. MeandDori Nick.Buddy.Dori Nick.Dori Theresa.DoriA Dori w.tennis.ball Bella.Dori.byfence  Dori.w.shoe collection Bella.Dori1 Dori.byFrog