18 Mar 2013

Cheena – Adopted!

Cheena home

UPDATE: After almost 2 years of waiting Cheena has finally found her loving forever home! We are SO happy to share this news because Cheena has really been with us for such a long time and really deserved a home to call her own. Cheena has some issues that will require a home that is understanding and willing to put in the work for her. Thankfully Amanda and Jesus came along and decided to give Cheena a chance! We wanted to make sure Cheena found the best suitable home and we were willing to continue to wait until that home came around, luckily for us (and Cheena) that home came around. YAY! We are so happy for Cheena, she is one lucky girl! Big thank you to Amanda and Jesus for opening their home and heart for this beautiful girl!

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photo (1) Cheena & Jesus photo (2) photo (3) photo (4) photo

Introducing Cheena! Cheena is a 3yr old Boxer/Am bulldog I rescued almost a year ago. Cheena was left in the backyard of her previous owners house when they moved out. Her previous owner waited until the last minute before asking for help when the house was sold. Cheena had been with her previous owners ever since she was 6 weeks old, when she was with them she was primarily kept in the garage or in the backyard, she lived like that for 3 years of her life. Poor girl was so timid and shy, she didn’t know anything.

Cheena is a very special dog that would need a very special family. Cheena is best in a home with no other dogs, she is under-socialized so will need continuous socialization. She does have prey drive so would not do good in a home with cats, when she was left alone in the backyard her main source of entertainment was chasing squirrels so she will chase when she sees cats or squirrels. Cheena is good with kids, and housebroken. Cheena will take time to open up but once she opens up she is all love and will literally snuggle with you all night. She is a dog who would need a experience owner who understands her past and will help work towards her future.

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