9 Feb 2013

Puma – Adopted!


We’re happy to share that Puma now Sheva has found her loving forever home! Puma didn’t even make it online before her mommy fell madly in love with her. Puma’s mommy works at Doggieville Day Care who had stepped up to take 4 of the 8 puppies that we had rescued from the shelter a couple weeks ago, Puma was able to work her charm and before long she was going home. Puma now has an adorable Boxer sister who she enjoys following around and snuggling with. We’re so happy this little girl found a home so quickly and with such an amazing home. Enjoy your life Puma!

Photos: Click to enlarge, hover mouse over image for caption.

puma and sister puma and sister puma and sister puma puma and sister puma and sister snuggle puma puma snuggle puma Puma and her sister