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Name Tongki
Gender Female
Age 6 months old
Breed Balbari/Terrier mix
Weight 8-12lbs.
Dog Ok, shy at first but still shows interest. Likes gentle and calm dogs.
Cat N/A
Kids N/A
Crate-trained No
Housebroken In training
Leash In Training, stops and sits when she hears loud sounds
Behavioral Shy at first, needs time to open up.
Barker Occasional, only when she's excited or wants food
Adoption fee $650
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Tongki! Tongki is an adorable 6 months old Balbari mix. She was rescued from the street along with her 6 siblings. She was soaking wet and lost so much fur on her body for some reason. Only 3 including Tongki out of 7 were able to get out of the shelter and survived. She doesn’t have much experience of being exposed to the new environments or new people yet. She would be more shy at first so it usually takes about 1-2hours to warm up to the new people. However once she opens up, you will see the different side of her. Very cheerful and bright girl is true Tongki who loves snuggling.

Tongki is more comfortable with women but generally ok with both men and women. She is currently living with a maltese at her foster home without any problems. She even knows how to wait her turn during mealtime. She is usually shy at first but still shows some interest toward other dogs. She would be little cautious when the other dogs are too active though. She barks when she wants something but other than that is relatively quiet.

Tongki still has puppy teething so will try to get her teeth on anything, including arms and ankles. Once she grows in her adult teeth and receive puppy training, the teething will stop.

This cute girl loves to sleep on her doggie bed right next to her foster’s bed in the same room or sometimes she likes to jump up the bed and sleep there at night. Playing with toys is her favorite hobby. It seems like she is little obsessed with her toys. No separation anxiety is noted but she doesn’t like to be trapped in an enclosed area or in a room by herself. As long as the family can let her freely roam at home while no one is around, she should be good.

She likes to explore the neighborhood but she stops and sits when she gets scared of loud sounds. When this happens, her foster calls her name ‘Sandeul’ which make her get up and walk again. Riding in the car is not a problem.

An ideal family for Tongki will one where she gets to spend a lot of time with her people. If there is another dog, she would do best with a calm and gentle dog to show her the ropes. We are looking for a home who is patient and willing to slowly show her that the world is not a scary place. Tongki is patiently waiting!