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Name Pony
Gender Male
Age 1 year old
Breed Brittany Spaniel mix
Weight 25-30lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Good with kids 10+ due to shyness
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken In training
Leash In Training, will pull when excited
Behavioral Shy at first, needs time to open up.
Barker No
Location Fostered in Daly City, CA
Additional Note Korea International program
Meet Pony! Pony is an adorable 1 year old Brittany spaniel mix. Pony was caged up his whole 1 year of life back in Korea. He is now in a loving foster home who takes him outside on hikes and to many parks as much as possible and he loves it! He would do well with a backyard or with someone who will take him out frequently. Pony is pretty shy and timid at first, but give him a couple of days (for his foster home, it was day 2) and you’ll start noticing his confidence and trust in you! Once Pony feels comfortable, you’ll see that he’s incredibly loyal, sweet, friendly, goofy, and playful!
Pony’s Best Feature: Pony’s ears are super floppy and full of personality! We find these ears to be his best feature and you can tell a lot about what he’s feeling! 🙂
Likes/Loves: Dogs of all sizes- Pony is so friendly and will play with almost any dog that doesn’t seem threatening. And sticks- Pony likes to pick up random sticks on hikes or walks in the neighborhood, and if you throw the stick, he will happily chase it and will not usually bring it back to you (which he has potential to via training).
Dislikes/Disloves: Swarm of children petting him at one time, large group gathering of humans Pony has never met before, and baths.
Friendliness level: Pony is the sweetest and most affectionate dog! He loves to be petted, or snuggled, or held! He gazes into your soul so lovingly and it’s really super cute! He would do great in a house with another dog or be a solo pup as long as he gets enough attention from his owner(s). He is super playful with other dogs and occasionally will bark.
Sound Level: Pony is a pretty quiet dog. He doesn’t really bark (rarely at other dogs) so don’t count on him to warn you when USPS or Amazon package.
Crate Trained: Pony does really well and is crate trained. The only times he’s in his crate is during bed time. The only time he whines and paw at his crate is in the morning when his foster parents wake up. He is like a morning alarm clock and is ready to get out of his crate to go outside and do his business! Otherwise, his crate is left open during the day. If his bed or a comfy blanket is inside the crate, he’ll go inside and either play or take a nap.
Separation Anxiety: His current foster has never left Pony alone for hours on his own so we don’t know what he is like or what he will do! If they’re gone for a couple of hours, they would crate him. They observed him on a video monitor during the time and he seemed to do well in his crate and just relax, play with his toy, or sleep. No whining.
House Broken: Pony is not quite there yet, but there is potential. He’s still learning how to hold it but can definitely use some work. We have full confidence that he will learn eventually! He has made a lot of improvements since being in his foster home and he rarely has accidents in the house now! They take him out to pee every 2-3 hours as part of his training, and no issues when he sleeps at night through the morning in his crate ~(11PM – 8AM). Unfortunately, he’s still learning how to properly pee when lifting his legs, but does usually end up splashing on his front paws. He also sometimes starts to walk when he has not finished peeing. We think this is due to his background of being caged so he’s still learning.
Leash trained: For the most part, Pony is a great walker, but will pull at times, especially if he sees another dog because he wants to play and is super friendly. It really depends on the environment he is in. If there are a lot of cars driving by, Pony gets scared or you can tell he is uncomfortable with loud noises out of nowhere. His fosters have been working on his recall within the community that they live in, and he’s doing great! He’ll run up and down in a semi enclosed street when they call him or run with him. Off leash, he stays pretty close or rarely out of line of sight. Pony needs to be 100% comfortable in his new environment (for a couple of weeks) and bonded to his people before letting him go off leash to work on his recall.
Training: Pony will need to continue to work on training, but he’s such a smart dog and learns incredibly fast. His fosters taught him to sit, stay, leave it, down, pew pew (sometimes), shake/paw (sometimes), come, and up. He’s incredibly food motivated so that will make general training even easier. We think he really enjoys being challenged and learn new tricks! He does try to sneak up on the counter since he has longer legs, but with continuous positive reinforcement and treats, he will learn that it is not ok.
Challenges/Issues: Pony has really developed into a confident doggy but he’s still building it up and responds very well with encouragement, not negativity. When he first arrived, he didn’t know how to go up and down the stairs. We think because of his history, he has not had many opportunities to be raised as a normal puppy – run, walk, or play. After a couple of weeks in his foster home, Pony can go down the stairs when he wants to on his own terms, but generally does not like to go up and down willingly unless he is leashed and led. He is incredibly food motivated and eats way too fast (we don’t think he chews), so highly recommend a slow feeder or spend this time working on training him with his kibble. He doesn’t show any signs or have ever demonstrated food aggression / food guarding. Pony just loves food…anything that is good for dogs, including lettuce! Pony also loves water in a bowl (must be in a bowl), sometimes way too much because he will drink all of it in a matter of seconds. Note- He has access all the time to a water dispenser (shaped like a hamster water dispenser), but he doesn’t drink from this as much.
We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Pony is patiently waiting!