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Name Nina
Gender Female
Age 7 months old
Breed FMD/Lab mix
Weight 28-30lbs. )est 40-50lbs full grown)
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Good with cats
Kids Good with kids
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Pad trained
Leash In training
Barker No
Adoption fee $550
Location Fostered in Fremont, CA
Additional Note Taiwan International program

Meet Nina! Nina is an adorable 6-7 months old FMD/Lab mix. Nina is a sweet, playful, loyal, and smart puppy looking for her forever home! A home with another dog might be beneficial for her since she absolutely hates being alone and has a whole lot of energy to wear off, but having someone home more also works for her.

Nina is a sweet, playful, loyal, and smart puppy looking for her forever home! As a puppy, she’s still very curious about anything and everything and will definitely keep you on high-alert at all times. However, she’s super smart and food motivated so super easy to train. She learned to sit, shake, high-five, and stay all within her first day!

On her trips out with her foster family, she absolutely loves meeting new people and is super well-behaved. Whether you’re shopping or chatting with a friend, she’ll quietly lay down right beside you. She enjoys seeing and meeting dogs but only when she’s the one approaching as she gets intimidated when the dog is too pushy or too much larger than her. 
Her typical day involves eating, sleeping, showing off her tricks, running around in the backyard and/or going for walks, playing with her many toys(her favorite is her hedgehog), and lots of snuggling. As playful as she is, she’s the biggest snugglebug. She absolutely loves napping with people, giving hugs, or just sitting next to them. She is always down to play and run around the house and backyard and has the energy to go for longer walks and hikes but is typically a pretty mild-tempered/medium-energy dog.
Nina is potty trained and knows to find the potty pad if needed when indoors. She isn’t reactive to anything and only barks when playing by herself or for attention. She is almost done teething, and in addition to training, has been growing out of the puppy, play-biting phase. She used to have mild separation anxiety but has recently gotten used to people leaving the room and house. She definitely has her puppy energy but is overall pretty easy and calm for a puppy. 
Nina will be patiently waiting for her forever family!