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Name Mars
Gender Male
Age 3 years old
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 30lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Good with cats
Kids Good with kids 10+
Crate-trained In Training
Housebroken Yes
Leash Good on leash, occasional pulling to chase birds
Behavioral Can get a little mouthy when really playful
Barker Occasional, barks at new people in the home
Location San Francisco, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Mars! Mars is an adorable 3 year old Jindo mix. He is incredibly sweet and affectionate and likes to get belly rubs! He is curious as he adapts to life in a home, and wants to sniff everything!

Mars likes hikes and is good on a leash. He may pull if he sees birds that he wants to chase, but otherwise is very good at letting you lead. He really likes other people and dogs and is very interested in saying hi. He is food and treat motivated and is learning some commands (“leave it” and “come”). We are working on recall. He is very interested in food and will try to put his paws up on tables or counters, but is also just as quick to move when caught. He is energetic outside but pretty mellow inside and can be a couch potato.

Mars will sometimes bark at new people in the house or just make a little grumble. He bonds quickly to his people. Mars can be startled by noises (i.e., when music is playing on the Sonos speaker) or fireworks in the neighborhood.

His foster home also call him Red, and he is like a big teddy bear! Mars would love to have a family or person to bond with, snuggle with on the couch, or go on a run or hike with. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Mars is patiently waiting!